Feature film in development

1950s, The Kingdom of Omad, an Arab country somewhere on the banks of the Mediterranean sea is preparing to celebrate the 30-years anniversary of French colonization. The Queen, Marie-Rose, an Arab woman who dreams of being French, wants to make the reception in her palace the most beautiful that the French consul has ever seen. She intends to ask concessions for her country. To do so, she asks her maids to perform a play that she wrote about Versailles, in honor of France. Her favorite maid, Leïla, 18, will play Marie-Antoinette. Leïla, inspired by her role, learns that Queens can be decapitated and that sometimes, revolution may have its advantages. The glamorous, fellinian reception becomes a nightmare and the queen’s dreams end in bloodshed.

Directed by Valentin Noujaïm
Produced by Kometa Films, coproduced by Tico Films (Italy)
Genre : Social comedy