In Production

Sardinians have a strong and ancient relation with horses, the competitions, the challenges that come from afar but that is still alive in their day to day lives. In Sardinia there still are ancient traditions such as the equestrian joust of the Sartiglia of Oristano and many other reckless country side events including Santu Lussurgiu and Sedilo: they bring timeless emotions. In these village events, often young riders debut their equestrian carriers, will carry on competing successfully in racecourses both in Italy and in the rest of the world. In fact, Sardinian jockeys are born and grow in an environment that combines ancient shepherds traditions on horseback with modern training and horse running techniques. Becoming jockeys can mean traveling around the world by participating in very prestigious races, important prizes and many Sardinian jockeys have made it. The protagonists will tell us about their often intergenerational relationship with horses that comes from afar and is part of their life.

Directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi
Produced by Kometa Films et Tico Film Company (Italy)
Genre : Documentary