Directed by Guillaume Foresti
Coproduced by Kometa Films and FullDawa Films
23 min, 2014
With Pierre Deladonchamps, Kate Moran

Beatrice and Laurent are a couple. Laurent mysteriously lost his senses, little by little. Gradually, he lost the taste and smell, and touch. But more worryingly, it only affects his perception of his wife. He wonders if the problem really comes from him.

Co-funded by Mairie de Paris and Procirep-Angoa.
Brest European Film Festival (2014) / Amiens International Film Festival (2014) / Retour à l'Anormal (2014) / Les Arcs European Film Festival (en compétition, 2014) / Petaluma Film Festival (ÉUA, 2015) / 2nd Goa Short Film Festival (Inde, 2015) / Vienna Fright Nights (2015) / Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Corée du Sud, 2015) etc.