We are experts in international co-development and co-production strategies for international co-production markets, film and audiovisual institutions, groups and professionals.

Our activities: evaluation, consultation, mentoring, monitoring, design of presentations and targeted programs, lecture, masterclass, curation.

With almost 20 years hands-on experience of film production and international co-productions Edyta Janczak-Hiriart and Jennifer Sabbah-Immagine have created Scale & Scope to empower challenging initiatives in addition to their own productions. As artistic explorers, they are on a constant lookout for new human ventures in films, series, documentaries, live events and hybrid content. They are Producers and also act as Associate Producers, Line Producers and Business Affairs.

Edyta Janczak-Hiriart produces features in France and sets up co-productions with Poland. She produced «Back In Business» ( aka «Grand Froid») by Gérard Pautonnier with Elzévir Films. Current Polish coproductions include Apsara Film, Why Not Productions, Panache Production, La Compagnie Cinématographique, Opus Film, Lava Films, Shipsboy, Centrala.

Jennifer Sabbah-Immagine produces and works on large scale international co-productions. She has worked for ADR Productions, Arsam International and KinoElektron among others. She has extensive experience of development, back office and line production. Since 2008, she’s been managing the audiovisual production company Big Sister with Director Jihan El Tahri, focusing mostly on talents from African countries and the MENA region. She has produced Mariner of the Montains by Karim Aïnouz (Cannes 2021 Official Selection). If looking at the world is her driving force in production, she is a sophrologist trained in psycho-emotional analysis and passionate about our inner worlds. 


Scale & Scope designs trainings, tailor-made consultancies and specific guidance.

Our approach is based on the deployment of capabilities, especially the improvement of inner and interpersonal skills.

We work with you to define precisely your artistic goals and your project’s business model by boosting your creativity, fostering new ideas, welcoming opportunities and enhancing working practices. We know the ins and outs of production and know how to avoid all the possible pitfalls. We assist you in a constructive manner to achieve your objectives and make your project visible in a saturated marketplace.

We collaborate with a team of european advisers  (lawyers, development and marketing experts, arbitrators, etc) that can be solicited according to your needs.

In a continuously changing audiovisual landscape and challenging industry which require proficiency, proactive leadership and flexibility Scale & Scope is an accelerator for film development and production.


our keyword : shed light

concept & intentions

story development

audience design

project packaging

pitch training

script editing

development strategy

positioning and posture

articulation of vision and needs

mental preparation

advices on development structure planning


our keyword : simplify

analyse of the co-production potential

preparation for co-development and co-production

financing plan review and/or set-up

international standard formatting

priority setting in business procedures

overview of the fundamental  provisions in a co-production contract

description of ownership and revenues split

core approach of negotiation with co producers

draft of memo-deals & long forms

legal and financial advice

change management specific to the industry

marketing package

outreach strategy for co-production markets

festival circulation and distribution

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